June 10, 2023 - Nightshift-Freezone

N i G h T s H i F t - f R e e z O n E - O n L i n E
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Playlist/Audioarchiv vom 10. Juni 2023

*Intro: Stock, Hausen & Walkman-jumped up (little Start); CD: Hairballs; Hot Air
*Wolfgang Puschnig-berge; CD: Balladen Aus Kärnten - Pesmi S Koroške; Universal
*Isach Skeidsvoll-bolero for people feeling blue; CD: Dance To Summon; Ultraääni
*Atmospheres feat. Clive Stevens-shifting phases; CD-Reissue: Voyage To Uranus; ESC
*Digital Underground-body~hats (part three); CD: The 'Body~Hat'-Syndrome; Tommy Boy
*Charlie Chaplin-think twice; CD: Cry Blood; Trojan
*Cosmic Shuffling-love in portofino; 7": Love In Portofino/The Shadow Of Your Smile; Fruits
*Tonino Balsamo-sta guagliona mo ddà; 12"-Reissue: Sta Guagliona Mo Ddà; Futuribile
*The Skankin' Monks & Kenyatta Hill-babylons big dog; 7": Babylon's Big Dog; One Skank
*Harvey-any way you wanta; 7"-Reissue: Any Way You Wanta; Tri-Pni
*Jordana, TV Girl-ordinary day; CD: Summer's Over; Summer's Over
*Discoromancer-para disco gene; CD: Awa Ceo Gene; Slide Motion
*Michael J. Blood & Sockethead-aaa(a); CD: Eating Late; Blood
*Ben Vida-the beat my head hit; CD: The Beat My Head Hit; Shelter Press
*Eerie Wanda & Kramer-antebellum; 7": Preludes; Shimmy Disc
*Feeble Little Horse-paces; CD: Girl With Fish; Saddle Creek
*Brandon Seabrook-from lucid to ludicrous; CD: Brutalovechamp; Pyroclastic
*Eli De Mon-star; CD: Pagan Blues; Area Pirata
*Pere Ubu-worried man blues; LP: Trouble On Big Street; Cherry Red
*Deleyaman-a tale; CD: The Sudbury Inn; Tto
*Kassi Valazza-chino; 2LP: Dear Dead Days; Kassi Valazza
*Kassi Valazza-mary; 2LP: Dear Dead Days; Kassi Valazza
*Kassi Valazza-rapture; LP: Kassi Valazza Knows Nothing; Loose
*Kassi Valazza-watching planes go by; LP: Kassi Valazza Knows Nothing; Loose
*Anna St. Louis-morning; CD: In The Air; Woodsist
*Mable John-time stops; 7"-Reissue: Time Stops/From Bitter To Sweet; Catching
*Carruseles-zaire pop; LP: Carruseles; Vampi Soul
*The Soundcarriers-the outsider; LP: Entropicalia; Ghost Box
*Rhoda Dakar-song to the siren; CD: Version Girl; Sunday Best
*Debris'-leisurely Waiting; LP-Reissue: Static Disposal; Anopheles
*Piero Piccioni-capriccio; CD-Reissue: OST-Scacco Alla Regina; Cinevox
*Loka And The Moonshiners-under the big trees; LP: Under The Big Trees; Night Leaf
*Brian Belott-music untrustworthy; CD: Sound Scribbles; RVNG Intl.
*Loka And The Moonshiners-white sun; LP: Under The Big Trees; Night Leaf
*King Krule-hamburgerphobia; CD: Space Heavy; XL
*Demetrio Stratos-flautofonie ed altro; LP: Cantare La Voce; Cramps
*The Groundhogs-death of the sun; LP: Who Will Save The World?; United Artists
*Abderraouf B Grissa, Dan Drohan (feat. Bobbie Johnston, Kafari & Jarrett Gilgore)-kalimbient; CD: RBGxDD; Uno Loop
*Irma Ferreira-oríkì ti sàngo; CD: Em Cantos de Oriṣà; Ajabu!
*Mouseatouille-i see your suburb, i go right trough; CD: Out Of The Hospital And Into The Morgue; Havac
*Alex Smalley-water body/ground flow; MC: Moments At The Re-Engage; Umor Rex
*Matt Tondut & Harry Waters-lay me down; CD: Noctures & Daydreams; Valley View


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