March 9, 2024 - Nightshift-Freezone

N i G h T s H i F t - f R e e z O n E - O n L i n E
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Playlist/Audioarchiv vom 09. März 2024

*Intro: Stock, Hausen & Walkman-jumped up (little Start); CD: Hairballs; Hot Air
*New York Gong-much too old; LP: About Time; Charly
*Jad Fair-too late; CD: 100 Songs (A Master Class In Songwriting); Kill Rock Stars
*Kim Gordon-psychedelic orgasm; LP: The Collective; Matador
*Snakefinger-kill the great raven (alternate version); 2CD-Reissue: Chewing Hides The Sound; Klanggalerie
*Raw Material-bobo's party; CD: Various-Mixed~Up Minds Part Two - Obscure Rock & Pop From The British Isles 1969-1973; Particles
*Rose Droll-news is getting old; CD: With Strangers; Jazz Life
*Rose Droll-this sinking ship; CD: With Strangers; Jazz Life
*Laetitia Sadier-protéïformunité; LP: Rooting For  Love; Duophonic Super 45s
*Bonobo-wayward bob; LP-Reissue: Dial 'M' For Monkey; Ninja Tune
*Donna Blue-all for show; CD: Into The Realm Of Love; Snowstar
Amon Düül II-jail~house frog; LP: Lemmingmania; United Artists
*Decibel-terapia de fakirato; 3CD: Fiat Lux; MIO
*Begnagrad-tolmun; CD: Tastare (The Oldones); Bess PRO-Market
*Caravan-nine feet underground; CD-Reissue: In The Land Of Grey And Pink; Decca
*Homeshake-letting go; CD: CD Wallet; Shhoamkee
*Dave Harrington, Max Jaffe, Patrick Shiroishi-staring into the imagination (of your face); CD: Speak, Moment; AKP
*Laetitia Sadier-cloud 9; LP: Rooting For Love; Duophonic Super 45s
*Virgin Prunes-sweethome under the sun (2024 remix by Apparition); CD-Reissue: A New Form Of Beauty 1-4; BMG Rights Management (UK) Limited
*PJ Harvey-prayer at the gate; LP: I Inside Old Year Dying; Partisan
*Chip Taylor-other side of the moon; CD: Behind The Sky; Trainwreck
*It's Immaterial-driving away from home; LP: Life's Hard And Then You Die; Siren
*Laetitia Sadier-la nageuse nue; LP: Rooting For Love; Duophonic Super 45s
*Mike Cooper & Andrew Tuttle-one volt per one ampere; CD: One Volt Per One Ampere; Room 40
*Gaussian Curve-winter sun; CD: Winter Sun / Fever Dream; Music From Memory
*ASC-song for christine; CD: Loss; Past Inside The Present
*ASC-tears in rain; CD: Loss; Past Inside The Present
*Kap Tep-fields of piece; CD: The Perfect Error; Chitra
*Morton Feldman (Philip Thomas, Piano): 5CD: Morton Feldman Piano; Another Timbre


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