April 13, 2019 - Nightshift-Freezone

N i G h T s H i F t - f R e e z O n E - O n L i n E
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* Playlist vom 13. April 2019 *

The Stroppies

*Intro: Stock, Hausen & Walkman-jumped up (little Start); CD: Hairballs; Hot Air
*Rascal Reporters-gold legs; 2CD: Nice Not To Be Here (Bonus Tracks 1976-2008); Steve Gore & Steve Kretzmer
*The 39 Clocks-psycho beat; 5LP: Next Dimension Transfer; Tapete
*Glen Hansard-the closing door; 2CD: The Wild Willing; Anti
*Fleuves-glomel; CD: #2; Coop Breizh
*Cosmo Sheldrake-linger longer; 2CD: The Much How We Have; Transgressive
*Mitchell Froom-étoile de la mer; CD: Ether; MRI
*Mitchell Froom-black night blues; CD: Ether; MRI
*Darjeeling-tangled arms; CD: Hokus Pokus; Listenrecords
*Amon Tobin-on a hilltop sat the moon; CD: Fear In A Handfull Of Dust; Nomark
*Charlie Chaplin-nonsense song (titine) (from 'modern times'); 2CD: Charlie Chaplin Film Music Anthology; Roy Export SAS
*Charlie Chaplin/Orchestra-terry's solo/terry's theme (eternally)/pas de  deux (from 'limelight'); 2CD Charlie Chaplin Film Music Anthology; Roy  Export SAS
*Chris Cohen-no time to say goodbye; CD: Chris Cohen; Captured Tracks
*Frank Zappa & Captain Beefheart (live)-sam with the showing scalp; CD: Live; House Of Humbug
*Rascal Reporters-her kind (version #812); 2CD: Nice Not To Be Here (Bonus Tracks 1976-2008); Steve Gore & Steve Kretzmer
*Manel Cruz-libelinha; CD: Vida Nova; Turbina
*Mike Cooper-legong/gods of bali; CD: Tropical Gothic; discrepant
*Third Ear Band-air; 3CD-Reissue: Elements 1970-71; Esoteric
*The 39 Clocks-dom (electricity elects the rain) 5LP: Next Dimension Transfer; Tapete
*Chinaski-love stream; CD: SFX; Kitjen
*Prefab Sprout-bonny (acoustic); CD: Steve McQueen (Acoustic); Sony
*Prefab Sprout-desire as (acoustic); CD: Steve McQueen (Acoustic); Sony
*Jacobites-it'll all end up in tears; CD-Reissue: Robespierre's Velvet Basement; Easy Action/Troubadour
*The Stroppies-courtesy calls; LP: The Stroppies; Hobbies Galore
*Bob Dylan-what was it you wanted; CD: Oh Mercy; Columbia
*Chris Forsyth-the man who knew too much; CD: All Time Present; No Quarter
*The 39 Clocks-art minus idiot; 5LP: Next Dimension Transfer; Tapete
*Amon Tobin-pale forms run by; CD: Fear In A Handful Of Dust; Nomark
*Papa Face feat. Red Man-dance pon de corner; CD: Style & Fashion; Soul Jazz
*Lt. Stitchie-vex; CD: Masterclass; X-Ray Production
*Cocoa Tea-war and crime; CD: Music Is Our Business; VP
*Ellicist-ponds & graves; CD: Point Defects; Morr Music
*Zachary Paul-slow ascent (live); CD: A Meditation On Discord; Touch
*Fallen-cloudy rooms, oxygen and miracles; Lontano Series/Rohs! Records
*NUZ-my short day is forever; CD: Island Songs; Stereo Tribe
*Haarvöl + Xoán~Xil López-the pulsating waves (reality); CD: Unwritten Rules Of A Ceaseless Journey; Crónica
*Josh Mason-hermitic chime; CD: Coquina Dose; Florabelle

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