April 8, 2023 - Nightshift-Freezone

N i G h T s H i F t - f R e e z O n E - O n L i n E
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Playlist/Audioarchiv vom 08. April 2023

*Intro: Stock, Hausen & Walkman-jumped up (little Start); CD: Hairballs; Hot Air
*Ebo Taylor-reality; LP-Reissue: Ebo Taylor And The Pelicans; Plant Woo
*Amoeba Split-no time for lullabies; CD: Quiet Euphoria; 'Ámarxe
*Susana Santos Silva, Torbjorn Zetterberg, Hampus Lindwall-do you have a charger?; CD: Hi! Who Are You?; Matière Mémoire
*Whim Ensemble-mycorrhizal networks; CD: Pelz, O.: Trees; Ravello
*Edena Gardens-sombra del mar; CD: Agar; El Paraiso
*John Zorn-astral projection; CD: 444; Tzadik
*Schroothoop-perte totale; CD: Macadam; Sbdanultra
*Ssabæ-azurescens; CD: Azurescens; Few Crackles
*Yaeji-fever; CD: With A Hammer; XL
*Marc Codsi-the entity; CD: Songs From The Aftermath; Discrepant
*B. Cool~Aid, Pink Siifu, Ahwlee-diamonds; CD: Leather Blvd.; Lex
*Milpa-la rana; CD: Soulaso; Tropicalifas
*Ale Hop & Laura Robles-el fenómeno de la niña; CD: Agua Dulce; Buh
*Elkhorn-east; CD: On The Whole Universe In All Directions; Centripetal Force
*John Greaves-sad emission; CD-Reissue: Accident; Maracash
*Emma Tricca-christodora house; LP: Aspirin Sun; Bella Union
*Soft Plastics-darcie; CD: Saturn Return; Soft Plastics/DRM NZ
*Motörhead-heroes; Boxed-Set: Seriously Bad Magic; Motörhead Music
*Emma Tricca-king blixa; LP: Aspirin Sun; Bella Union
*Billie Marten-just us; CD: Drop Cherries; Fiction
*Calvin Johnson-toby deano; CD: Gallows Wine; K
*Element Of Crime-morgens um vier; CD: Morgens Um Vier; Vertigo Berlin
*Josephine Foster-dawn of time; CD: Domestic Sphere; Fire
*Jana Horn-days go by; CD: The Window Is A Dream; No Quarter
*Kelley McRae-ahes; CD: Good Company; Self-Released
*Calvin Johnson-crazy legs; CD: Gallows Wine; K
*Emma Tricca-devotion; LP: Aspirin Sun; Bella Union
*North Americans-think of me as a place; CD: Long Cool World; Third Man
*Bentelou-the fool; CD: Showers; Big Baby Boys in a Baby Boy Bathtub
*Cigarettes After Sex-sunsetz; CD: Cigarettes After Sex; Partisan
*Old Saw-spinner's weave; LP: Sewn The Name; Lobby Art
*Old Saw-brooksville trestle remains; LP: Sewn The Name; Lobby Art
*Rat Heart Ensemble-already been in green; CD: Northern Luv Songs 4 Wen Ur Life's A Mess; Shotta Tapes
*Corrado Saija-drone 2; CD: Circkel; Silverdrop
*Jeff Greinke-unseen; CD: A Thousand Year Flood; Projekt
*Le Motel & Bruce Wijn-la perche; CD: Maar; Cortizona
*Malcom Lipkin-nocturne no.5 (Nathan Williamson: Piano); CD: Piano Music; Lyrita
*Dorothy Moskowitz & The United States Of Alchemy-under an endless sky; CD: Under An Endless Sky; Tompkins Square

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