December 9, 2023 - Nightshift-Freezone

N i G h T s H i F t - f R e e z O n E - O n L i n E
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Playlist/Audioarchiv vom 09. Dezember 2023

*Intro: Stock, Hausen & Walkman-jumped up (little Start); CD: Hairballs; Hot Air
*The's-batman theme; 7"-Single: You May Dream/Batman Theme; Hi-Tide Recordings
*Rascal Reporters-paper love; LP: Ridin' On A Bummer; Hebbardesque
*Buzzy Linhart-a tear outweighs a smile; CD: Pussycats Can Go Far; Rhino Atlantic
*Fragile Animals-lonely in the sun; CD: Slow Motion Burial; Hobbledehoy
*Neil Young-if you got love; CD: Before And After; Reprise
*Slapp Happy-is it you? CD: Various-Searchlight Moonbeam; Efficient Space
*Nowruz-o mikros sofos (dose mou mia goulia); CD: Aionia Epistrofi; Nowruz
*Dorothy Carter-along the river; LP-Reissue: Waillee Waillee; Palto Flats
*Tsuki No Wa-丘の上で; CD: Ninth Elegy; Think!
*Alpha Steppa/Wellette Seyon-this world; CD: Balance; Steppas
*Phyllis Dillon-perfidia; CD-Reissue: Onle Life To Live; Doctor Bird
*Curry Don-santa a come; CD: Various-Dancehall Christmas; Rohit
*Linval Thompson-danger in your eyes; CD: Pop No Style; Sanctuary
*Trotski Nautique-a bas le travail; CD: Le Meilleur De À Bas; Cheap Satanism Record
*Gong-infinitea; 2LP-Reissue: Zero To Infinity; Kscope
*Michael Nau-shiftshaping; CD: Accompany; Karma Chief
*Edena Gardens-vini's lament; CD: Dens; El Paraiso
*Myra Melford-red land (for Don Reich); CD: Life Carries Me This Way; Firehouse 12
*Nick Dunston-a devastating comeback; CD: Skultura; Fun In The Church
*Miradasvacas-vii; CD: Of No Fixed Abode; 12th Isle
*Bohannons-sense it out; CD: Night Construction; Cornelius Chapel
*Graham Lambkin/James Rushford-gondolas; CD: Gondolas; Erstwhile
*Myriad Valley-memory temple meditations; CD: Eternal Space Of Mind; Was Ist Das?
*Myriad Valley-seen in smoke; CD: Eternal Space Of Mind; Was Ist Das?
*Derek Bailey & Paul Motian-duo in concert (Groningen); LP: Duo In Concert; Frozen Reeds


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