February 8, 2014 - Nightshift-Freezone

N i G h T s H i F t - f R e e z O n E - O n L i n E
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* Playlist vom 08. Februar 2014 *

 *Intro: Stock, Hausen & Walkman-jumped up (little Start); CD: Hairballs; Hot Air
*Anne Guthrie & Richard Kammerman-re(z)=piper, im(z)=andrej; CD: Sinter; Erstwhile
*The National Gallery-pond with swans; LP: Performing Musical Interpretations Of The Paintings Of Paul Klee; Philips
*The Slits-i heard it through the grapevine (version); CD: Cut (Japanese Extended Edition); Island
*Guided By Voices-alex and the omegas; CD: Motivational Jumpsuit; GBV Inc.
*Irmin Schmidt-roll on euphrates; 2CD: Villa Wunderbar; Mute
*Meridian Brothers-sigan al minero hasta la escala (amirbar); CD: Este  Es El Corcel Heroico Que Nos Salvara De La Hambruna Y Corrupcion;  Eigenlabel
*Gotye-somebody that i used to know (feat. Kimbra); 2LP: Making Mirrors; Vertigo/Universal
*The Universal Thump-grasshoppers; CD: The Universal Thump; Bandcamp
*Naomi Chiaki-? (A5); LP: Kassai (Ovation); Nippon Columbia
*Majestic-you are the one; 2CD: The Majestic 12 Years 1994-1998; Shelflife
*Talulah Gosh-bringing up baby; CD: Was It Just A Dream?; Damaged Goods
*Les Claypools Duo De Twang-jerry was a race car driver; CD: Four Foot Shack; Ato
*Sun Kil Moon-truck driver; 2CD: Benji; Cabo Verde
*Jackson C. Frank-blues run the game; LP-Reissue: Jackson C. Frank; 4 Men With Beards
*Cindy Woolf-brambles; CD: May; Cd Baby
*Johnny Dowd-girl in a suitcase; CD: Do The Gargon; Cadiz Music Ltd.
*Mary Halvorson, Michael Formanek, Tomas Fujiwara-still...doesn't swing; CD: Thumbscrew; Cuneiform
*Movie-Radio Spot: Mercenary (1968)
*Hazel Nuts Chocolate-humpty dumpty rag; CD: Bewitched!; Trolley Bus
*Palmer Rockey-feelings of love; LP-Reissue: Rockey's Style; Trunk
*Meridian Brothers-las princesitas de colombia; CD: Este Es El Corcel  Heroico Que Nos Salvara De La Hambruna Y Corrupcion; Eigenlabel
*Bruno Nicolai-drug party; LP: Marquis De Sade; Finders Keepers
*Korla Pandit-tale of the underwater worshipper; LP: Music Of The Exotic East; Fantasy
*The Peanuts-daughter of infant; 7"-Single: OST Mothra Song/Daughter Of Infant; King Japan
*Terry Snyder And The All~Stars-misirlou; LP: Persuasive Percussion Vol.1; Command
*The Chico Hamilton Quintet-far east; LP: Gongs East!; Warner Bros
*The Out~Islanders-return to paradise; LP: Polynesian Fantasy; Capitol
*Ted Milton-love is like a violence; MS; Embryo
*The Universal Thump-honey beat; CD: The Universal Thump; Bandcamp
*Gotye-giving me a chance; 2LP: Making Mirrors; Vertigo/Universal
*Majestic-metal; 2CD: The Majestic 12 Years 1994-1998; Shelflife
*Guided By Voices-jupiter spin; CD: Motivational Jumpsuit; GBV Inc.
*Lonnie Holley-six space shuttles and 144'000 elephants; CD: Keeping A Record Of It; Dust To Digital
*Markus Guentner-ashes; CD: Shadows Of The City; Moodgadget
*Jason Kahn, Chris Abrahams, Laura Altman, Monika Brooks, Matt Earle,  Risinh Singh, Adam Sussmann, Aemon Webb, John Wilton-open space (Side  B); 2LP: Open Space; Eigenlabel
*Bruno Nicolai-criminal sex (alternate version); LP: Marquis De Sade; Finders Keepers
*Irmin Schmidt-zick zack; 2CD: Villa Wunderbar; Mute
*Irmin Schmidt-geisterlied; 2CD: Villa Wunderbar; Mute
*Bohren & Der Club Of Gore-verloren (alles); CD: Piano Nights; Pias
*Chihei Hatakeyama-night airglow; CD: Sacrifice For Pleasure; Indies Japan

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