May 9, 2015 - Nightshift-Freezone

N i G h T s H i F t - f R e e z O n E - O n L i n E
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* Playlist vom 09. Mai 2015 *

 *Intro: Stock, Hausen & Walkman-jumped up (little Start); CD: Hairballs; Hot Air
*Francis The Great-look up in the sky; LP: Ravissante Baby; Hot Casa
*Professor Ludvig Von Drake-discourses on sound recording and takes you  on an adventure in an echo chamnber; LP: Featured In Wonderful Of Color;  Disneyland
*Peder Mannerfelt-xylophone at lubero; CD: The Swedish Congo Record; Archives Interieures
*The Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band-kwang noi chaolay; LP: 21st Century Molam; Zudrangma
*The Lovely Eggs-magic onion; CD: This Is Our Nowhere; Lovely Eggs
*Super Furry Animals-dacw hi; LP: Mwng; Placid Casual Recordings
*Giant Sand-hurtin' habit; 2LP: Heartbreak Pass; New West
*Greg Brown-who woulda thunk it; CD: If I Had Known-Essential Recordings 1980-1996; Red House
*Cretin Stompers-watch sally run; LP: Looking Forward To Being Attacked; Hozac
*Amy LaVere & Bill Sexton-day like any; CD: Hallelujah I'm A Dreamer; Archer
*Jackpine Savage (Bruce Haack)-touch; LP: Together; Dimension 5
*Joanne Robertson-grams halls; LP: Black Moon Days; Feeding Tube
*Mary Epworth-snow queen; 7"-Single: Snow Queen/Ice And Snow; Of Glory
*Rozie Plain-rearrange; CD: Friend; Lost Map
*David Kauffmann & Eric Caboor-angel of mercy; CD-Reissue: Songs From Suicide Bridge; Modern Classics Recordings
*Andreya Triana-that's alright with me; CD: Giants; Counter
*Valet-lion; CD: Nature; Kranky
*The Helio Sequence-leave or be yours; CD: The Helio Sequence; Sub Pop
*The Weepies-river from the sky; CD: Sirens; Nettwerk
*A Grave With No Name-your ghost by the lake; CD: Feathers Wet, Under The Moon; Lefse
*Cretin Stompers-the only one; LP: Looking Forward To Being Attacked; Hozac
*Beatriz Ferreyra-médisances; LP: GRM Works; Recollecion GRM
*Magma-düblavë, zü zaïn!, slag tanz, wohldünt; LP: Slag Tanz; Jazz Village
*Monty Python-traffic lights; LP: Contractual Obligation Album; Arista
*Yosuke Yamashita, Itaru Oki, Yuji Ono, Kimiko Kasai-gugan; 2CD: Trio By Trio + 1; Universounds Japan
*Komintern-hommage au maire de tours; LP: Le Bal Du Rat Mort; Cryonic
*Jad Fair-have a nice day; 7"; Important/Arts & Crafts Series
*Oiseau Tempête-omen,divided we fall; CD: Ütopia; Sub Rosa
*The Union Exotic Sounds-hombre y mujer; LP: Taboo; Columbia Japan
*Maki Asakawa-?(B2); LP: ?(1976); Express
*À Qui Avec Gabriel-minatomachi blues (version); 10"-LP: Enka Mood Collection; An'Archives
*Ron Goodwin-the moon; LP: Music In Orbit; Capitol
*Emil Richards-emerald; LP: Stones; Uni
*Konntinent-the empire line; CD: The Empire Line; Home Normal
*Oscar Mulero-mechanical function ('hypnotic' edit); 2CD: Muscle And Mind; Pole Recordings
*Grisha Shaknes-counterpoint; CD: All This Trouble For Nothing; Glistening Examples

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