November 13, 2021 - Nightshift-Freezone

N i G h T s H i F t - f R e e z O n E - O n L i n E
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Playlist vom 13. November 2021

*Intro: Stock, Hausen & Walkman-jumped up (little Start); CD: Hairballs; Hot Air
*Affinity-all along the watchtower-4CD-Reissue; Esoteric
*Pastor T.L. Barrett & The Youth For Christ Choir-like a ship; 5LP: I Shall Wear A Crown; Numero Group
*LoneLady-into the cave; CD: Hinterland; Warp
*Zoufris Maracas-chienne de vie (Biguine Biguine Remix); CD: Remixes; Wagram Music
*Wolfgang-summertime; CD: Various-Disco Reggae Vol.4; Stix
*Tapper Zukie-ghetto rock; LP: Piece In The Ghetto; Virgin
*Tirzah-send me; CD: Colourgrade; Domino
*Electric Eye-lighthouse rock; LP: Horizons; Fuzz Club
*Ennio Morricone-orca; CD-Reissue: OST-Orca; Universal Music France
*Zaz-tout~là~haut; CD: Isa; Warner
*NRBQ-memo song; CD: Dragnet; Omnivore
*Bob Neuwirth-blue detour; CD: Look Up; Watermelon
*The Reginald Foresythe Orchestra-lament for congo (a hymn to darkness 2); CDR: The Serenades, Lullabyes And Melancholia Of Reginald Foresythe; Cosmic Spy/Bandcamp
*Petra Haden, Julian Lange, Jorge Roeder, Kenny Wollesen, Jesse Harris-the wind in the clouds; LP: Songs For Petra; Tzadik
*Courtney Barnett-here's the thing; LP: Things Take Time, Take Time; Marathon Artists
*Yo La Tengo-i feel like going home; 2LP: I Am Not Afraid Of You And I Will Beat Your Ass; Matador
*David Lance Callahan-she passes through the night; LP: English Primitive I; Tiny Global Productions
*Bonga Jean~Baptiste-azouke; CD: Boula; Buda Musique
*Electric Eye-last call at the infinity pool; LP: Horizons; Fuzz Club
*The Gluts-black widow; LP: Ungrateful Heart; Fuzz Club
*Pink Fairies-do it; LP: Never Never Land; Polydor
*Hibushibire-trepanation breakdown; LP: Freak Out Orgasm!; Rock Action
*Black Cab-summer of love; CD: Altamont Diary; Interstate40/Bandcamp
*Ruth Cameron-something cool; CD: Roadhouse; Verve
*Mustapha Skandrani-mode: sahli; CD-Reissue: Istikhbars And Improvisations; EM
*Mustapha Skandrani-improvisations; CD-Reissue: Istikhbars And Improvisations; EM
*Egisto Macchi-motodevette; 13CD: The Complete Ayna Sessions 72-76; Soave
*Piero Umiliani-dolomiti; CD: L'uomo Elettronico - Cosmic Electronic Environments From An Italian Synth Music Maestro 1972-1983; Liuto
*Vanishing Twin-wider than itself; CD: Ookii Gekkou; Fire
*John Cale-broken bird; 2LP: M:Fans; Double Six
*Robert Forster-drop; CD: Calling From A Country Phone; Beggars Banquet
*Egisto Macchi-lontano...lontano...; 13CD: The Complete Ayna Sessions 72-76; Soave
*Meg Baird-riverhouse in tinicum; CD: Dear Companion; Wichita
*Claire Rousay-17 roles (all mapped out); MC: 17 Roles (All Mapped Out); Shelter Press
**From 2CD-Compilation: Miniatures 2020 - A 40th Anniversary Tribute To Morgan Fisher's First Collection Of Tiny Masterpieces; ReR/62nd Grammophone Company**:
John Ellis-one~way street (corona mix)
About Now-needle
Lorraine Bowen-bee original
Frenzid Melon-temprarily out of order
Yumi Hara-slice
--.-side break
Geoffrey Richardson-little blues for rupert
Sensible Gray Cells-tragic roundabout
Jon Owen-i had a little nut for tea (for Charlie Chops)
Jayne Mason-the bush inn
The Residents-irish wife
Fred Frith-resolve
Henry Priestman-suffice to say
The New Psodyms-i made muffins
Blabbermouth-tohuku manga (miniature)
Sean WO Smith-crushed
Joby Burgess-silver white metal
Martin Stephen-impressions
Clive Pig-sir gammer vans
A Powdered Theorem-mark the day
Boo Hewerdine-listen
Nick Haeffner-efs 2021
Unfolk-miniatura luigi russolo
William Hayter-isolation
John Greaves-like a glove


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