November 9, 2013 - Nightshift-Freezone

N i G h T s H i F t - f R e e z O n E - O n L i n E
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* Playlist vom 09. November 2013 *

 *Intro: Stock, Hausen & Walkman-jumped up (little Start); CD: Hairballs; Hot Air
*James Plotkin & Paal Nilssen-the skin, the colour; CD: Death Rattle; Rune Grammofon
*Rory Gallagher-kickback city; 3CD: Kickback City; Capo
*Circus Devils-you're not a police car; LP: When Machines Attack; Happy Jack Rock
*Sleaford Mods-fizzy; CD: Austerity Dog; Fucking Bandcamp
*Madame Patate-c'est géni'o; LP: Madame Patate; In Poly Sons
*Unknown Mortal Orchestra-so good at being in trouble; CD:II; Jagjaguwar
*The Melodic-plunge; CD: Effa Parade; Anti
*Pascal Comelade-friki serenata; LP: El Pianista Del Antifaz; Because Music
*Djougou Malola-volta jazz; 2LP: Various-Votaique Panoramique  Vol.1-Popular Music In Ouagadougou & Bobo-Dioulasso 1968-1978;  Kindred Spirits
*Smoke Fairies-when you grow old; LP: Ghosts; 453 Music
*Howe Gelb-vortexas; CD: The Coincidentalist; Ryko
*Leyla McCalla-mesi bondye; CD: Vari-Colored Songs - A Tribute To Langston Hughes; Pinnacle
*Josephine Foster-my wandering heart; CD: I'm A Dreamer; Fire
*R Stevie Moore-daniel flop; CD: Burst Upon The Scene; Eigenlabel/Bandcamp
*Madame Patate-mignonne (bird song rituelle); LP: Madame Patate; in Poly Sons
*Toupidek Limonade-hélium d'insouciance; LP: Il Y A Des Vies Qui Dévient; In Poly Sons
*Secret Chiefs 3-post identity hour (ams world newscorp); CD: Book Of Souls Folio A; Web Of Mimicry
*Road To Shaanxi-revelation; 12": Revelation EP; True Panther
*Saburo Ubukata-seaglass; CD: Reflection Primal; Kaico
*Jon Diaz-harmonic prayer; 2CD: Various-The 100 Dollar Guitar Project; Bridge
*The Cosmic Dead-anaphora; 2Lp: The Exalted King; Cosmic Eye
*James Plotkin & Paal Nilssen-primateria; CD: Death Rattle; Rune Grammofon
*The Flaming Lips-is the black at the end good; EP: Peace Sword EP; Warner Bros
*Dean Wareham-the ticking time bomb; CD: Emancipated Hearts; Sonic Cathedral
*Paarvohaju-sä olit; CD: Joko Sinä Tulet Tänne Alas Tai Minä Nousen Sinne; Svart
*Shifted-wash over me; CD: Under A Single Banner; Bed Of Nails
*James Blackshaw And Lubomyr Melnyk-haftorang; CD: The Watchers; Important
*R Millis-awaj arepo; LP: Relief; The Helen Scarsdale Agency
*Phill Niblock-two lips; 2CD: Touch Five; Touch
*Fred Frith-light erases the thought; 2CD: Various-The Hundred Dollar Guitar Project; Bridge
*Virlyn & An Moku-seal; MC: Of Mirrors; Already Dead
*Madame Patate-nuisette; LP: Madame Patate; In Poly Sons

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