October 10, 2015 - Nightshift-Freezone

N i G h T s H i F t - f R e e z O n E - O n L i n E
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* Playlist vom 10. Oktober 2015 *

 *Intro: Stock, Hausen & Walkman-jumped up (little Start); CD: Hairballs; Hot Air
*Nisennenmondai-n'-02 b1; CD: N'; Bijin
*Lata J. Ramasar-the greatest name that lives; 12": The Greatest Name That Lives; KDR
*Branko/Cachupa Psicadelica-paris~marselha; CD: Atlas; Enchufada
*Renaldo & The Loaf-blowflies' dilemma (larval forms); 2CD: Arabic Yodelling + Grain By Grain; Klanggalerie
*S.E.M Studios-ivresse des profondeurs; LP: Various-Midnight Massiera - The B~Music Of Jean~Pierre Massiera; Finders Keepers
*Bret Higgin's Atlas Revolt-el metate; CD: Atlas Revolt; Tzadik
*Klaus Beyer-wo die oktopussen leben; CDR: Die Fanclubplatte; Amsel
*The Beach Boys-getting hungry (rehearsals); CD: Smiley Smiley Sessions; Bootleg
*Offthesky & Darren McClure-two halls in tokyo; CD: Suspended; Symbolic Interaction
*Loren Connors-webster hall, part 1; CD: Live In New York; Family Vineyard
*One Of You-ray of sunshine, don't be desparate, the leaf; LP: One OF You; Little Axe
*Arwen Lewis-sittin' by the window (version); CD: Arwen; Eigenlabel/Bandcamp
*Ryley Walker-primrose green; LP: Primrose Green; Dead Oceans
*Egg-symphony no 2~blane; CD-Reissue: Egg; Esoteric
*Arzachel-garden of earthly delights, azathoth, soul thing, leg; CD: Uriel; Egg Archive
*Cristina Quesada-pineapple princess; CD: You Are The One; Elefant
*Elephant9 With Reine Fiske-you are the sunshine of my life; CD: Silver Mountain; Rune Grammofon
*Picchio Dal Pozzo-seppia; CD-Reissue: Picchio Dal Pozzo; Grog
*Chico Magnetic Band-pop or not; LP: Various-Midnight Massiera - The B~Music Of Jean~Pierre Massiera; Finders Keepers
*Harry Partch-ring arount the moon (first phase-fourth phase); CD: Plectra And Percussion Dances, Bride
*Shelf Life-double dare; CD: Everyone Make Happy; Lefse
*The Clientele-(i can't seem to) make you mine; LP: Alone And Unreal: The Best Of The Clientele; Merge
*Tri Minh-train station/n'hà ga (2+3); CD: Robert Henke, Tri Minh, Vu Nhat Tan q-Hanoi Soundscape; Eigenlabel
*Geir Sundstol-furulund; CD: Furulund; Hubro
*Miles Davis-shhh, peaceful; CD: In A Silent Way; CBS
*Fauna-the lifetime wasted in derby; CD: The Lifetime Wasted In Derby; Splitting Sounds

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