September 14, 2019 - Nightshift-Freezone

N i G h T s H i F t - f R e e z O n E - O n L i n E
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* Playlist vom 14. September 2019 *

*Intro: Stock, Hausen & Walkman-jumped up (little Start); CD: Hairballs; Hot Air
*The Paul Butterfield Blues Band-mystery train; 2CD: An Anthology-The Elektra Years; Rhino
*Protomartyr-windsor hum; LP: Relatives In Descent; Domino
*Ceremony-you get hurt; CDR: Candy; Eigenlabel/Bandcamp
*The Calico Wall-i'm a living sickness; 7"-Single/Reissue; Get Hip
*Arno-oostende bonsoir; CD: Santéboutique; Naive
*Alvvays-next of kin; LP: Alvvays; Transgressive
*Bodywash-reverie; LP: Comforter; Luminelle
*Jercurb-midnight snack; CD: Air Con Eden; Handsome Dad
*Bright Dog Red-runnin' 'em hrdles; CD: How's By You?; Ropeadope
*SurfinG-crazy; CD: Emotion; 100% Electronica
*Andrea Valle-poème de l'argent; CD: Ultraxy; Jazz Engine
*Pierre Bastien-pet step; CD: Tinkle Twang 'n Tootle; Marionette
*Pascal Comelade-el ventilator de la f.a.i.; CD; Tango Del Rosselló; DSA
*Alex Barbier, accompagné au piano par Pascal Comelade-sous le pont noir; 10"-Reissue: Alex Barbier Chante; La Belle Brute
*Pascal Comelade-els segadors; CD: Tango Del Rosselló; DSA
*Mambo Noir Trio-savu; CD: Mambo Noir Trio; Oona
*Fruko Y Sus Tesos-el brujo y la bruja; LP: Tesura; Discos Fuentes
*Los Destellos-guajira sicodélica; CD: Sicodélicos; Vampisoul
*Klangwart-rico; LP: Bogotá; Staubgold
*Pitch Black-one ton skank; CD: Third Light; Dubmission
*Köhn-köhnepijp; CD: Köhn 1; Cortizona
*Lothar Ohlmeier-omni~lobster robotics; CD: Hypertide Over Kiribati; Not Applicable
*Betty Roché-until the real thing comes along; LP: Singin' & Swingin'; Prestige
*James Yorkston-like bees to foxglove; CD: The Route To The Harmonium; Domino
*Wolfgang Haffner-bing; CD: Heart Of The Matter; ACT
*Mary Halvorson Septet-four pages of robots (no.30); CD: Illusionary Sea; Firehouse 12
*Natalie Evans-new year (AGL Sounds Sessions); CD: Houses; Small Pond
*Daniel Johnston-the story of an artist; MC: Don't Be Scared; Stress
*Bodywash-with heat; LP: Comforter; Luminelle
*Michiyo Yagi-evening mist; CD: Into The Forest; Idiolect
*Bill Dixon-livers: sand dance for sophia; CD: Tapestries For Small Orchestra; Firehouse 12
*Daniel Menche-melting gravity ii; CD: Melting Gravity; Sige
*Robert Davies-branches interlaced; CD: Sylvan Glen; DataObscura
*Hainbach-a quiet adieu; CD: Gestures; Seil


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