September 8, 2018 - Nightshift-Freezone

N i G h T s H i F t - f R e e z O n E - O n L i n E
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* Playlist vom 8. September 2018 *

*Intro: Stock, Hausen & Walkman-jumped up (little Start); CD: Hairballs; Hot Air
*Iron & Wine-last of your rock'n'roll heroes-CD: Weed Garden EP; Sub Pop
*Giant Sand-valley of rain; LP: Returns To Valley Of Rain; Fire
*William C. Beely-carol; LP-Reissue: Gallivantin'; Tompkins Square
*Lorkin O'Reilly-when the days cool down; CD: Heaven Depends; Eigenlabel/Bandcamp
*Oakland Elementary School Arkestra feat. Marshal Allen-we travel the  space ways (Sun Ra); 2LP: The Saga Of Padani; Modern Harmonic
*The Plastic People Of The Universe-magicke noci (magical nights); CD:  Egon Bondy's Happy Club Banned (2010 Digital Remaster); EMI
*The Oh Sees-overthrown; LP: Smote Reverser; Castleface
*Dead Neanderthals-womb of god pt.1; LP: Womb Of God; Burning World
*Julius Eastman-stay on it (1973); 3CD: Unjust Malaise; New World
*Gil Scott~Heron & Brian Jackson-winter in america (live); CD-Reissue: Winter In America; Rumal-Gia
*William S.Fischer-eguntto batez; LP-Reissue: Akelarre Sorta; Herri Gogoa
*The Walker Brothers-nite flights; LP: Nite Flights; GTO
*Ghostland Observatory-open wound; See You Later Simulator; Trashy Moped
*Vespero-shum~shir; CD: Shum~Shir; VMS
*Mop Mop-kamakumba; CD: Isle Of Magic; Agogo
*Lionel Loueke-gbê; CD: The Journey; Aparté
*Odetta Hartman-cowboy song; CD: Old Rockhounds Never Die; Memphis Industries
*EXEK-prawn watching; LP: Ahead Of Two Thoughts; W.25TH
*Honey Hahs-sometime ago; LP: Dear Someone, Happy Something; Rough Trade
*Many Voices Speak-your name; LP: Tank Town; Hit City U.S.A
*Angelo Badalementi-the edge of love:fire to the stars (from 'The Edge  Of Love'); CD: Music For Film And Television; Varèse Sarabande
*Kathryn Joseph-tell my lover; LP: From When I Wake The Want Is; Rock Action
*Iggy Azalea-tokyo snow trip; EP: Survive The Summer; Island
*The People Upstairs-whips leather & other animals; LP: Various-The  Snoopies Album: The Last Remains Of A Richmond Value; 1,000 Only Records
*Systematics-pulp baby; 7"-EP: Pulp Baby; Doublethink
*Oakland Elementary School Arkestra feat. David Slusser & Terry  Riley-love in outer space (Sun Ra); 2LP: The Saga Of Padani; Modern  Harmonic
*Odessy & Oracle-j'ai vu un croco; CD: Speculatio; Bongo Joe
*Potemkine-eiram; LP: Triton; Voxigrave
*GoGo Penguin-raven; CD: A Humdrum Star; Blue Note
*Body/Head-change my brain; LP: The Switch; Matador
*The Beremy Jets-no am no; CD: Careless; Somewherecold
*Cullen Omori-all by yourself; CD: The Diet; Sub Pop
*Steady Holiday-mothers; CD: Nobody's Watching; Barsuk
*Elephant Micah-life b; CD: Genericana; Western Vinyl
*Chilly Gonzales-nimbus; CD: Solo Piano III; Gentle Threat/Fontana North
*Altus-slow breath; CD: Komorebi; Altus
*Jürg Frey-paysage pour gustave roud; 2CD: Collection Gustave Roud; Another Timbre
*Alison Cotton-the last sense to leave us; CD: All Is Quiet At The Ancient Theatre; Bloxham Tapes
*The Hands Free-needle & thread; CD: The Hands Free; New Amsterdam
*Ekin Fil-at dawn; CD: Maps; Helen Scarsdale Agency
*Tapes And Topographies-drone for ella; CD: Opiates; Tapes And Topographies

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