April 11, 2020 - Nightshift-Freezone

N i G h T s H i F t - f R e e z O n E - O n L i n E
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Playlist vom 11. April 2020

*Intro: Stock, Hausen & Walkman-jumped up (little Start); CD: Hairballs; Hot Air
*Wu Fei & Abigail Washburn-weaving medley: busy weaving/julianne johnson/open little hand/back step cindy; CD: Wu Fei & Abigail Washburn; Smithsonian Folkways
*Alex Wong-nocturne; CD: The Elephant Ans The Seahorse; High Ceiling Music/Tone Tree Music
*Joe Hisaishi-day of the river; CD: OST Spirited Away; Studio Ghibli
*Kupla-valentine; CD: Kingdom In Blue; ChilledCow
*The Go Betweens-bye bye pride (live); CD: Fontains Of Youth (Live At The Town And Country Club); Beggars Banquet
*Belle And Sebastian-suicide girl; CD: The Third Eye Centre; Rough Trade
*Peel Dream Magazine-up and up; LP: Agitprop Alterna; Tough Love
*Corniglia-oh my love; CD: Corniglia; Hello Goodbye
*Triangle-le temps des tams tams; CD: Anthologie 1969/1974; Magic
*Freedom's Children-that did it; CD-Reissue: Galactic Vibes; Shadoks Music
*Kedama-hwrklnzg (live at sunrise studios); 3LP: The Complete Collection; Castle Face
*Jan St. Werner-molocular meditation (feat. Mark E. Smith); LP: Molocular Meditation; Edititons Mego
*Guranfoe-etsinta visions; CD: Sum Of Erda; Apollon
*Cabane-easily we'll see (feat. Kate Stables); CD: Grande Est La Maison; Cabane
*Joe Hisaishi-the sixth station; CD: OST Spirited Away; Studio Ghibli
*Paul Giger-zauerli; CD: Alpstein; ECM
*Paul Giger-trogener chilbiläbe; CD: Alpstein; ECM
*Weird Turn Pro-an unbroken line; CD: Maul And Mezcal; Weird Turn Pro
*Pharoah Sanders-lumkili; CD: Live At The East; Impulse!
*Fire! Orchestra-actions for free jazz orchestra; CD: Penderecki: Actions; Rune Grammofon
*Ellen Fullman-work for four players and 90 strings (excerpt); CD: In The See; Superior Viaduct
*Celia Hollander-big talk; CD: Recent Futures; Leaving
*Aki Himanen, Aleksi Kinnunen-photosphere interlude; CD: Scapes I; Super Life
*Aria Rostami & Daniel Blomquist-the running glass; CD: Sketch For Winter VIII: Floating Tone; Geographic North
*Kahil El Zabar's The Ritual-pedro; CD: Another Kind Of Groove; Sound Aspects
*Faraón Bantú y ChampetaMan-cumbia sampuesana; CD: Various-Pantera Picotera En La Ciudad de las Piramides; Palenque
*Manzanita Y Su Conjunto-ondas del lago; LP-Reissue: Arre Caballito; Infopesa
*Omar Aloulou-marion; CD: Olénine; Shouka
*Sound Of Yell-angel lights; CD: Leapling; Chemical Underground
*Jugalbandi Trio-kirwani; CD: Confluence; Ma.Ra.Cash
*Pragma-you lose control; CD: Seafoam; Vacuum
*Michael Chapman-where does that leave me; LP: Plaindealer; Mystra
*Wu Fei & Abigail Washburn-banjo guzheng pickin' girls; CD: Wu Fei & Abigail Washburn; Smithsonian Folkways
Charles Hayward, Gigi Masin-waterland; CD-Reissue: Les Nouvelles Musiques De Chambre Vol.2; Light In The Attic
*Kroba-tasogare; CD: The Incense Eaters; Styles Upon Styles

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