March 14, 2020 - Nightshift-Freezone

N i G h T s H i F t - f R e e z O n E - O n L i n E
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Playlist vom 14. März 2020

*Intro: Stock, Hausen & Walkman-jumped up (little Start); CD: Hairballs; Hot Air
*Keith Jarrett, Charlie Haden-where can i go without you?; CD: Jasmine; ECM
*Dave Brubeck-laura; CD: Brubeck In Wonderland - Dave Brubeck Trio, Quartet & Octet 1946-55; Cherry Red
*Penguin Cafe Orchestra-prelude & yodel; CD: Broadcasting From Home; Editions EG
*Quantum Jump-blue Mountain; LP: Barracuda; The Electric Record Company
*The Gloomies-loops; CD: Romance; Thrill Me
*Priscilla Ermel-corpo do vento; CD: Origens Da Luz; Music From Memory
*Snapped Ankles-come play the trees; CD: Come Play The Trees; The Leaf Label
*Don Shinn-space~wards; CD-Reissue: Departures; Sunbeam
*Soundwalk Collective-la philosophie; LP: What We Leave Behind - Jean~Luc Godard Archives; The Vinyl Factory
*The Saxophones-new taboo; CD: Eternity Bay; Full Time Hobby
*Immortal Onion-omnichannel journeys pt.1; CD: XD (Experience Design); Sempre Musica
*Vinicio Capossela-canzone e manovella; CD: Canzoni A Manovella ; MSI Music
*Dallas-love from a distance; CD: Wake Up Community; Rain Tree
*James Brotörhead-superkill (mash-up: James Brown/Motörhead by Bill McClintock)
*Perez Prado-el bombero; CD: Primal!; Cherry Red
*Rod McKuen-a gallery of assorted Beats; LP-Reissue: Beatsville; Sundazed
*Paal Nilssen~Love Large Unit, Fendika-gonder; CD: EthioBraz; PNL
*Paal Nilssen~Love Large Unit, Fendika-tezeta; CD: EthioBraz; PNL
*On~Uma Singsiri-only som tam; CD: OST Bangkok Nites; EM
*The Cambodian Space Project-demon lover; CD: Electric Blue Boogaloo; Chatomuk
*Sarathy Korwar-good ol' vilayati (feat. Mirande); CD: More Arriving; The Leaf Label
*Laurence Pike-holy spring; CD: Holy Spring; The Leaf Label
*Express Rising-spirit darts; CD: Fixed Rope; Numero Group
*Crystales-kate blanchett: Online-Single: Boring/Kate Blanchett; Eigenlabel/Bandcamp
*Islet-florist; CD: Eyelet; Fire
*Marie Davidson-shaky leg; LP: Perte D'Identité; Weyrd Son
*Greg Cohen-fino mornasco; CD: Golden State; Relative Pitch
*Dave Brubeck-audrey; CD: Brubeck In Wo
values; CD: A Budding A Reconciliation Of Values; Coolidge
*Robbie Basho-blue crystal fire; LP: Visions Of The Country; Windham Hill
*Zelienople-hold you up; CD: Hold You UP; Miasmah
*Andrew Weathers-sand tide/shinoak; CD: Dreams And Visions From The Llano Estacado; AuthorsThe Order Label
*Slow Reels-shona; CD: Shona; Morr Music

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