April 9, 2022 - Nightshift-Freezone

N i G h T s H i F t - f R e e z O n E - O n L i n E
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Playlist vom 9. April 2022

*Intro: Stock, Hausen & Walkman-jumped up (little Start); CD: Hairballs; Hot Air
*Alvin Lucier-i am sitting in a room (1970, Middletown, CT); 4CD: I Am Sitting In A Room - Archival Recordings 1969-2019; Sound On Paper Editions
*Two Daughters-ladder of souls; MC: Two Daughters; Methane Music
*Christian Marclay, Elliott Sharp-a spin of the wheel; CD: 97 Is 97; Zoar
*David Fenech & Pierre Bastien-suspicious minds; CD: Suspicious Moon; Improved Sequence
* Fit & Limo-working in my garden; CD: Folly Is An Endless Maze Vol.III - Autre Monde; Fuego
*Faust-border river; CD: Daumenbruch; Erototox
*Florian Fricke-valley of gods; 2LP: Kailash; Soul Jazz
*Jake Xerxes Fussell-frolic; LP: Good And Green Again; Paradise Of Bachelors
*John Zorn-the secret mirror; CD: A Garden Of Forking Paths; Tzadik
*Muslimgauze-bedouin in mercedes (b3); LP: Bedouin In Mercedes; Self
*The Vampires Of Dartmore-the fire~dragon of Hongkong; LP-Reissue: Dracula's Music Cabinet; Finders Keepers
*The Fibonaccis-manifesto (live on KCRW); CD: Peccadilloes: 1985-1988 - Live Radio, Club Rarities, And Demos; Fibonaccis
*Veronique Vincent, Aksaq Maboul-afflux de luxe (Laetitia Sadier version); CD: 16 Versions Of Ex~Futur; Crammed Discs
*Vladan Kuzmanović-no. 14~ laugh; CD: The Collected Electroacoustic Works; Stradivarious
*Sophisticated Boom Boom-beat girls 1; LP-Reissue: Sophisticated Boom Boom; Tapete
*Teen Daze-valley of gardens; CD: Morning World; Paper Bag
*Saint Etienne-spring~instrumental; CD: Foxbase Rarities; Heavenly
*Lee Morgan-caramba; LP-Reissue: ¡Caramba!; Blue Note
*Patrik Fitzgerald-the little dippers; 7'': Backstreet Boys; Small Wonder
*Jake Xerxes Fussell-rolling mills are burning down; LP: Good And Green Again; Paradise Of Bachelors
*Broadcast-colour me in; CD: Maida Vale Sessions; Warp
ZNR: pep's blues, ferreto#1, mémoires d'un chien, energy zero, les fainéants, ella guru, les enfants du pirée, sept notes, hommage au m.d.b.i, croisière aux caraibes; 4CD-Box: C'est De Nouveau Les Vacances! - Histoires De ZNR; ReR
Robert Haigh-beginner's mind, twilight flowers, waltz on treated wire, contour lines, rainy season, lost albion, like a shadow, still life with moving parts, the fourth man, signs of life, the nocturnals, baroque atom, on terminus hill; CD: Human Remains; Unseen Worlds

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