March 12, 2022 - Nightshift-Freezone

N i G h T s H i F t - f R e e z O n E - O n L i n E
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Playlist vom 12. März 2022

*Intro: Stock, Hausen & Walkman-jumped up (little Start); CD: Hairballs; Hot Air
*Stude-gränche; Online-Album: Ds Läbe Vor Em Tod; Eigenlabel
*Ramón Ropaín-e o no e (porro); CD: Ramón Ropaín; Open Records S.L.
*Ramón Ropaín-borrachera (porro); CD: Ramón Ropaín; Open Records S.L.
*Ramón Ropaín-gaiteando (gaita); CD: Ramón Ropaín; Open Records S.L.
*Ramón Ropaín-mi cumbia; CD: Ramón Ropaín; Open Records S.L.
*Ramón Ropaín-gloria maría (cumbia); CD: Ramón Ropaín; Open Records S.L.
*Vangelis-la petite fille de la mer; LP: OST-L'apocalypse Des Animaux; Polydor
*Ken Nordine-adult kindergarden; LP: Word Jazz Vol. II; Dot
*My Bloody Valentine-we have all the time in the world; LP: Lost Tracks And Rare Cuts; Alti Philosophi
*Harry Nilsson-he needs me (spanish) demo; CDR: The Popeye Demos; Unofficial Release
Love-laughing stock; 7''-B-Side; Elektra
*Portsmouth Sinfonia-from the nutcracker suite (excerpt); LP: Plays The Popular Classics; Transatlantic
*Khun Narin-lam phu tai; LP: Khun Narin's Electric Phin Band; Innovative Leisure
*Lata J. Ramasar-the greatest name that lives; 12'': The Greates Name That Lives; K.D.R.
*The Walker Brothers-nite flights; LP: Nite Flights; GTO
*The Unthanks-madam; 2LP: Mount The Air; Rabbie Rouser
*Amy Rigby-summer of my wasted youth; CD: Middlescence; Koch
*Finis Africae-hassel, el oso hormiguero; LP: Amazonia; EM
*One Of You-ray of sunshine; LP: One Of You; Little Axe
*One Of You-don't be desperate; LP: One Of You; Little Axe
*Brian Dewan-up in the country; CDR: Live AT WFMU in Monty Hall 8/10/2015; WFMU
*Brian Dewan-fruitless labors-CDR: Live At WFMU in Monty Hall 08/10/2015; WFMU
*The Clientele-(i can't seem to) make you mine; CD: Alone And Unreal - The Best Of The Clientele; Pointy
*Jessica Pratt-as the world turns; LP: Quiet Signs; Mexican Summer
*Jessica Pratt-this time around; LP: Quiet Signs; Mexican Summer
*Biff Bang Pow!-miss you; LP: L'amour, Demure, Stenhousemuir (A Compilation 84-91); Creation
*Scott Tuma-chrissy's home; LP: No Greener Grass; Dismal Niche Tapes
*Scott Tuma-mag's; LP: No Greener Grass; Dismal Niche Tapes
*Charles Trenet-mon vieux ciné; 10'': Chansons Des Boulevards; Columbia
*Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited-don't worry i'm fine; LP: Music From The Sixth Floor; Dionysus
*Sandy Denny-it'll take a long time; LP: Sandy; Island
*Bobbie Gentry-courtyard; LP: The Delta Sweete; Capitol
*Kurt Vile-skinny mini-LP: Bottle It In; Matador
*Emil Richard's Yazz Band-blue monk; LP: Yazz Per Favore; Del-Fi
*Arthur Russell-instrumental; LP: Instrumentals Volume 1; Les Disques Du Crépuscule
*Finis Africae-suite amazonica; LP: Amazonia; EM
*Finis Africae-el abrazo de la selva; LP: Amazonia; EM
*Finis Africae-carauari; LP: Amazonia; EM
*Finis Africae-el hechicero; LP: Amazonia; EM
*Finis Africae-hombres trueno; LP: Amazonia; EM
*Finis Africae-danca do corpo; LP: Amazonia; EM
*Finis Africae-remontando el purus; LP: Amazonia; EM
*Finis Africae-hombres lluvia; LP: Amazonia; EM
*Finis Africae-adios a puerto espana; LP: Amazonia; EM
*Hototogisu-floating gardes f1+f2; 3LP: Floating Japanese OOf! Gardens Of The 21st Century; De Stijl
*Alexander Ross-grandfather paradox part I; LP: Grandfather Paradox; Vauva



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