December 9, 2017 - Nightshift-Freezone

N i G h T s H i F t - f R e e z O n E - O n L i n E
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* Playlist vom 9. Dezember 2017 *

*Intro: Stock, Hausen & Walkman-jumped up (little Start); CD: Hairballs; Hot Air
*Mountain Movers-everyone cares; LP: Mountain Movers; Trouble In Mind
*Arcadium-walk on the bad side; LP: Breathe Awhile; Middle Earth
*Frank Pahl & Klimperei-akmond rock cakes; CD: Music For Desserts; In Poly-Sons
*The Fibonaccis-purple haze; CD: Repressed-The Best Of The Fibonaccis 1981-1987; Restless
*Robert Finley-complications; LP: Goin' Platinum; Easy Eye Sound
*Pee Wee Clayton-blues after hours; CD: Great R&B Instrumentals; Ace
*The David-time m; LP: Another Day, Another Lifetime; VMC
*The Seeds-nobody spoil my fun; LP: The Seeds; GNP Crescendo
*Hajime Mizoguchi-a dream come from the wast; LP: Halfinch Dessert; CBS/Sony Japan
*Belle & Sebastian-the girl doesn't get it; EP: How To Solve Our Human Problems Part 1 EP; Matador
*Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited-don't worry i'm fine; LP: Music From The Sixth Floor; Dionysus
*The Carolyn Hester Coalition-tomorrow when i wake up; LP: The Carolyn Hester Coalition; Metromedia
*Trio Da Kali And Kronos Quartet-ladilikan + tita; LP: Ladilikan; World Circuit
*Les Baxter-elephant trail; LP: African Jazz; Capitol
*Sun Ra-cha cha cha in outer space (previously unreleased); 3LP: Exotica; Modern Harmonic
*Gökçen Kaynatan-evren (extended version); LP: Gökçen Kaynatan; Finders Keepers
*Charles "Chick" Ganimian & His Orientals-daddy lolo; LP: Come With Me To The Casbah; Atco
*Frankie Stein And His Ghouls-lullaby of ghost land (fox trot); LP: Introducing; Power
*Ennio Morricone-a fair fight + sonja and kalibor + main title; LP: OST-Red Sonja; Varèse Sarabande
*Errol Brown And The Revolutionaries-bond street rock yard; LP: Dub Expression; High Note
*Peter Spence-i'm still diggin' you; 7"-Single; Gadd
*Junjo(feat. Scientist)-dangerous match eight; 2LP-Reissue: Presents-Wins The World Cup; VP
*The Charmers-version vise; 7"-Single (B-Side): Peter Spence-I'm Still Digging You; Gadd
*Will Samson-old roots (day one); LP: Welcome Oxygen; Talitres
*Meadow House-never gonna be your man; LP: This Shoud Not Be Happening; Feeding Tube
*Giles, Giles & Fripp-i talk to the wind; CD: The Brondesbury Tapes 1968; Aluna
*Caroline Says-winter is cold; LP: 50'000'000 Elvis Fans Can't Be Wrong; Western Vinyl
*Meadow House-carbon monoxide; LP: This Should Not Be Happening; Feeding Tube
*Hatfield And The North-blane over the low countries; CD: Hattitude; Self-Released
*Glühen 4-montgolfiere; 2CD: Various - Pantha Du Prince-Coming Home; Stereo Deluxe/Warner
*David Edren-karawitan; MC/Online-Album: Electronic Gamelan Music; Social Harmony/Bandcamp
*Bitchin Bajas-be going; 2LP: Bajas Fresh; Drag City
*Midori Takada & Masahiko Satoh-ancient palace; CD: Lunar Cruise; Epic Japan
*Jon Porras-still life; MC/Online-Album: Tokonama; Geographic North
*Gavin Bryars -jesus' blood never failed me yet; CD: Jesus' Blood Never Failes Me Yet; Point Music
*Ken Nordine-what time is it; LP: Word Jazz; Dot

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