January 13, 2018 - Nightshift-Freezone

N i G h T s H i F t - f R e e z O n E - O n L i n E
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* Playlist vom 13. Januar 2018 *

Music from 78rpm Records

 *Intro: Stock, Hausen & Walkman-jumped up (little Start); CD: Hairballs; Hot Air
*Ozella Jones-i been a bad girl prisoner blues
*Ted Lewis And His Band-12th street rag
*Bumble Bee Slim-if blues was whiskey
*Van Eps Trio-ching chong
*Edith Johnson-good chib blues
*Ethel Waters-get off your knees
*Paul Whiteman Orchestra-fallen leaf
*Kelly Harrell-new river train
*The Carter Family-bury me under the weeping willow
*Attila The Hun-West Indian Rhythm
*Oliver Brown-oh you devil you
*Paul Whiteman Orchestra-shanghai dream man
*Emmett Miller-she's funny that way
*Emmett Miller-st.louis blues
*Emmett Miller-sweet mama (papa's getting mad)
*Emmett Miller-that's the good old sunny south
*Emmett Miller-the blues singer from alabama
*Alley Boys Of Abbeville-jolie petite blonde
*Dixie Ramblers-barromm blues
*Hackberry Ramblers-et la~bas
*Joe Werner And The Ramblers-she's my flapper and my baby
*Leo Soileau & His Three Aces-si vous moi voudrez ame
*Mighty Sparrow-the queen's canary
*Sexteto Habanero-romantica mujer
****From Various-Down In The Basement, Joe Bussard's Treasure Trove Of Vintage 78's (Old Hat)****
*Luis Russell & His Orchestra-the (new) call of the freaks
*Dixon Brothers-the school house fire
*Bill Johnson's Louisiana Jug Band-get the l down the road
*The Corley Family-give the world a smile
*Long Cleve Reed And Little Harvey Hull (Down Home Boys)-original stack o' lee blues
*Fess Williams And His Royal Flush Orchestra-hot town
*Grinnell Giggers-plow boy hop
****From Various-That's What I Call Sweet Music - American Dance  Orchestras Of The 1920's (From Robert Crumb's 78rpm Record Collection);  EMI****
*Paul Specht And His Orchestra-that's what i call sweet music
*Blue Steele And His Orchestra-be my baby
*Ray Miller And His Orchestra-my honey's lovin' arms
*George Olsen And His Music-i'm bringing a red, red rose
*Leroy Smith And His Orchestra-st-louis blues
*Leroy Shield And The Victor Hollywood Orchestra-sing song girl
*Anson Weeks And His Hotel Mark Hopkins Orchestra-give your little baby lots of lovin'
****From Various-Scattered Melodies: Korean Kaygumi Sanjo From 78rpm Records (Sublime Frequencies)****
*Shim Sang~Gun-eonmori
*Kim Chong~Ki-chinyangjo
*Kim Chong~Ki-chungimori (1)
*Kim Chong~Ki-chungimori (2)
*Molam Som-gap pa pheng (laos)
****From Various-Longing For The Past: The 78 rpm Era In Southeast Asia (Dust-To-Digital)****
*Uncredited Pinpeat Ensemble-teb bantom (cambodia)
*Uncredited Ensemble-khaek lopburi (thailand)
*Thao Keota & Thao Nébh, Thao Phou Xhon, Thit Oun-dance ancienne (laos)
*Molam Nuanchan & Amphon Sangachit, Thongsa Krongsap-lam toei jep saep (thailand)
*The Duriyapranit Piphat Ensemble & Chorus-rabam dawadoeng, part 2 (thailand)
*Sandaya Maung Kyaw-maung kyaw ei sandaya nyunt: ah hson (Burma)
*Kotsanabanthoeng Paired Piphat Ensemble-fawn jao sri oi (Thailand)
*The Yawt Silabin Troupe-mon ap son (Thailand)
*Yadana Myit, Taung Dwin U Kyawt-son nant tha myaing: sha pon gyi (Burma)
*Myat Lay-miss whiskey (Burma)
*Ma Kyi Aung-mi ba myitta (Burma)
*Oman, Doeleh & K.O.E. Sabri-tjikadjangan (pelog) (Indonesia)
*Upit Sarimanah, Gamelan Sunda Pusaka, Tuteng Djobari-ka abdi (Indonesia)
*Moh Aminor Aidjawi, Orkest Setia Pamoedah-aer mata djato berlinang (Indonesia)
*Irene Tungou-ogingo mamangka vuhan (Malaysia)
****From Koichi Sugii-Japanese Jazz & Salon Music 1936-1946 Vol.1 (Radiophone Archives)****
*Koichi Sugii-kiso~bushi*
***Bonus January 09, 2021***
*Koichi Sugii-tairyo bushi
*Koichi Sugii-hatoba~wa~kurete
*Koichi Sugii-kursatu~bushi
*Koichi Sugii-gypsy dream rose
*Koichi Sugii-shasou
*Koichi Sugii-kouga~no~sazanami

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