February 12, 2022 - Nightshift-Freezone

N i G h T s H i F t - f R e e z O n E - O n L i n E
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Playlist vom 12. Februar 2022

The Jive Five

*Intro: Stock, Hausen & Walkman-jumped up (little Start); CD: Hairballs; Hot Air
*The Students-everyday of the week; 7''-Single; Note
*The School Boys-please say you want me; 7''-Single; Okeh
*The Quotations-ala mex sy; 7''-Single: Imagination/ala-mex.sy; Verve
*The Jive Five-my true story; 7''-Single; Beltone
*The Four Buddies-i want to be the boy you love; 7''-Single: Just Enough Of Your Love/I Want To Be The Boy You Love; Imperial
*The Collegians-zoom zoom zoom; 7''-Single; Winley
*The Heartbeats with Al Browne's Orchestra-your way; 7''-Single; Hull
*Urge Overkill-i can't stay glad@u; CD: Oui; Omnivore
*Eddie Hazel-california dreamin'; LP-Reissue: Game, Dames And Guitar Thangs; Real Gone Music
*Carla Diratz & The Archers Of Sorrow-the scale; CD: The Scale; Discus Music
*Reiko And Tori Kudo-homeless; LP: Tangerine; A Colourful Storm
*Nucleus-sun child (live); 13CD: Live At The BBC; Repertoire
*Nucleus-in flagrante delicto; 13CD: Live At The BBC; Repertoire
*Nucleus-black ballad (ecce domina); 13CD: Live At The BBC; Repertoire
*Nucleus-brain child; 13CD: Live At The BBC; Repertoire
*Hermeto Pascoal E Grupo-bombardino; LP: Planétario De Gaeva; Far Out
*Harry Revel & Les Baxter & Dr. Samuel J. Hoffman-radar blues; 10'' Music Out Of The Moon; Capitol
*Arthur Lyman-vera cruz; 7''-Single; Hi Fi
*Officer!-moscow nights; CD: Paragraphs And Principles; Klanggalerie
*Trupa Trupa-b lat a; CD: B Flat A; Glitterbeat
*Trupa Trupa-all and all; CD: B Flat A; Glitterbeat
*Marissa Nadler-guns on a sundeck; EP: The Wrath Of The Clouds; Bella Union
*The Mekons-ghosts of american astronauts; LP: So Good It Hurts; Cooking Vinyl
Le Ren-was i not enough?; LP: Leftovers; Secretly Canadian
*Michael Nesmith & The First National Band-beyond the blue horizon; LP: Magnetic South; RCA
*Le Ren-annabelle & maryanne (feat. Ten); LP: Leftovers; Secretly Canadian
*Scala & Kolacny Brothers-fragile; CD: Gloaming; Rhino
*PJ Harvey-the glorious land (demo); LP: Let England Shake - Demos; UMC
*Magical Power Mako-bluedot; CD: Bluedot; Atavistic

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