February 9, 2013 - Nightshift-Freezone

N i G h T s H i F t - f R e e z O n E - O n L i n E
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* Playlist vom 9. Februar 2013 *

 *Intro: Stock, Hausen & Walkman-jumped up (little Start); CD: Hairballs; Hot Air
*Lightning Hopkins-tom moore, LP: Texas Bluesman; Arhoolie
*Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds-higgs bosom blues; CD: Push The Sky Away; Bad Seed Ltd.
*MV & EE With The Golden Road-the hungry stones; CD: Drone Trailer; DiCristina
*Yong Yong-bzzzr; MC: Love; NightSchool
*Water Melon Group-quiet village; LP: Cool Music; Alfa
*Mahogany Brain-silkskin dawn; LP: Smooth Sick Lights; Tapioca
*Jacco Gardner-puppets dangling; CD: Cabinet Of Curiosities; Trouble In Mind
*Petra Haden-this is not america (version); CD: Petra Goes To The Movies; Anti
*Woody Herman-pontieo (version); LP: Light My Fire; Cadet
*Carey's Problem-led zeppelin; LP: Arena Of Shame; Problemsongs
*Simply Saucer-electro rock; LP-Reissue: Cyborgs Revisited; Get Back
*My Bloody Valentine-wonder 2; CD: M B V; Eigenlabel
*Simply Saucer-get the thrills; LP-Reissue: Cyborgs Revisited; Get Back
*Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds-water's edge; CD: Push The Sky Away; Bad Seed Ltd.
*O'Little Sister-winter's song; CD: O'Little Sister; Eigenlabel/Bandcamp
*The Lies-see emily play (version); 7"-Single: See Emily Play/When Emily Cries (Knit Separates); Cosmic Debris
*The Widest Smiling Faces-the little death; CD: Me And My Ribcage; Eigenlabel/Bandcamp
*The Jazz Butcher-tombé dans les pommes; CD: Last Of The Gentlemen Adventures; Tundraduck
*Ramón Ropaín-mi cumbia; LP: Sensación Tropical; Discos Fuentes
*Meridian Brothers-desesperanza; LP: Desesperenza; SoundWay
*Lee Perry And The Full Experience-disco devil; 2CD: Disco Devil-The Jamaican Discomixes; Sanctuary
*Bimbo-borondong garing; LP: Indonesia Pop Nostalgia-Pan Indonesian Pop,  Folk, Instrumentals & Children Songs 1970s-1980; Sham Palace
*Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds-mermaids; CD: Push The Sky Away; Bad Seed Ltd.
*Amor De Diás-hampshire lullaby; LP: The House At Sea; Merge
*Pia Fraus-mute the birds; CD: After Summer; SekSound
*Motion-desafinado; CD: Pictures; Motion
*The Durutti Column-a silence; 2CD: Songs For Pauline; Darla
*Lost In Hildurness-earbraces; CD: Mount A; Tónar
*Roberto Cacciapaglia-sei note in logica (Side A); LP-Reissue: Sei Note In Logica; Wah Wah
*Amor De Diás-maureen; LP: The House At Sea; Merge
*Phil Moore-pearls of palmyra; LP: Polynesian Paradise; Strand
*Jean~Jacques Perrey & Dana Countryman-the typewriter (version); CD: The Happy Electropop Music Machine; Oglio
*Egisto Macchi-chanson de la nuit; LP-Reissue: Voix; The Omni Recording Corporation
*Vladimir Ussachevsky-line of apogee: untitled #6; CD: Electronic Film Music; New World
*Jean Dubuffet-solennités; 2CD: 1961; Rumpsti Pumpsti
*Lost in Hildurness-you; CD: Mount A; Tónar

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