January 12, 2013 - Nightshift-Freezone

N i G h T s H i F t - f R e e z O n E - O n L i n E
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* Playlist vom 12. Januar 2013 *

 *Intro: Stock, Hausen & Walkman-jumped up (little Start); CD: Hairballs; Hot Air
*Reserve-destination pour l'inconnu; LP: Various-The Hidden Tapes; Minimal Wave
*Pete Galub-boat; CD: Candy Tears; Eigenlabel
*Mark Lanegan-same old man (Trad./Karen Dalton); 7"-Single: Same Old Man; Light In the Attic
*Buddy Miller's Majestic Silver Strings-bury me not on the lone prairie; CD: The Majestic Silver Strings; New West
*Television Personalities-you're my yoko; 7"-Single: You're My Yoko/The Girl From Nowhere; Rocket Girl
*Maki Asakawa-?(title in japanese); CD: Nothing At All To Lose; EMI Japan
*Laurel Halo-airsick; LP: Quarantine; Hyperdub
*Spacebox-introfunction; LP: Kick Up; Spacebox/Uli Trepte
*Julia Holter-our sorrows-2CD: Extasis (Expanded); RVNG
*Benjamin Frances Leftwich-break the day open; CD: In The Open EP; Dirty Hit
*Mademoiselle Nineteen-tout de même; CD: Mademoiselle Nineteen; Freaksville
*Carl Sims-pity a fool; CD: Various-Lost Soul Gems: From Inside Memphis; Kent
*Etta James-beware; DVD: Live At Montreux 1993; Montreux Sounds
*Sun Ra & His Archestra-we travel the spaceways; 2LP: Live At Montreux; Inner City
*Cruella De Ville-those two dreadful children; 7"-Single: Those Two Dreadful Children/Drunken Uncle John; Good Vibrations
*Annie-me plus one; CD: Anniemal; Big Beat
*The Cocknbullkid-shake; 7"-Single: On My Own/Shake; Need Now Future
*Elvis Costello-watching the detectives; LP: My Aim Is True; Stiff
*Meiko Kaji-? (title in japanese); LP: Otoko Onna Kokoro No Aika; Teichiku
*Anja Garbarek-stay tuned; CD: Smiling & Waving; Virgin
*Bonnie Prince Billy & Mariee Sioux-bird child; 2x7"-Single: Bonnie & Mariee; Spiritual Pajamas
*Portland Cello Project-old shanghai (feat. Lizzy Ellison); CD: Beck Hansen's Song Reader; CDBaby
*Lew Stone & His Band-a hymn to darkness-deep forest; CD: Various-The New Music Of Reginald Foresythe; Bvhaast
*Lord Melody-carnival proclamation, long time story; CDR: Lord Melody Sings; Cook/Smithsonian Folkways
*Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra-sitho hotho ro; CD: Bum Bum; Alien Transistor
*Catherine Ribeiro-les cloches dans la vallée (1966); 7"-EP: Le Chasseur; Barclay
*Plus~Tech Squeeze Box-cartoom tv, starship; CD: Cartoom!; Vroom Sounds
*Gene Von Hallberg-maid of athens; LP: Behind The Veil; Cascade
*Julia Holter-in the same room; 2CD: Extasis (Expanded); RVNG
*The Three Suns-caravan; LP: Movin'n'Groovin; RCA Victor
*Omar Khorshid And His Guitar-ah ya zen; LP: Rhythms From The Orient; Voice Of Lebanon
*Buddy Miller's Majestic Silver Srings-barres de la prison; CD: The Majestic Silver Stings; New West
*Justice Hahn-cry your name; 10"-EP: Down By Love; Exile
*Pete Galub-plead the 5th dimension; CD: Candy Tears; Eigenlabel
*Savages-husbands; 7"-Single: Flying To Berlin/Husbands; Pop Noire
*Portland Cello Project-don't act like your heart isn't hard; CD: Beck Hansen's Song Reader; CDBaby
*Southern Comfort-don't cry no tears (version); 7"-Single: Silver And Gold/Don't Cry No Tears; Black Petal
*Noveller-star poem; CDR: Artifact; Saffron
*Moondog-utsu, on and off the beat, chant, from one to nine; 7"-EP: On The Streets Of New York; Mars
*Yoninbayashi-insight sight; LP-Reissue: Ishoku-Sokuhatsu; Phoenix
*Catherine Ribeiro-lumière écarlate; 2LP: La Solitude; Festival
*Ignatz-insight sight; MC: Because Time Is Too Short; Taping Policies
*Dredd Foole-jungle nigh high > jungle allah; LP: Blues Sermon With Congregation; Humito
*Andrew Bird-beyond the valley of the three white horses; CD: Hands Of Glory; Mom & Pop

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